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Accenture Innovations Award

The Scapp Retail Zelfscan App has been selected for the Accenture Innovations Awards, in the category Seamless Shopping. The Accenture Innovation Awards is an annual innovationscontest for the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. With the Innovation Awards, Accenture provides recognition to companies and organizations that deserve a stage.

Scapp Retail: Seamless Shopping Innovation

The Scapp Retail Selfscan App makes zelfscanning available to every retailer. Without high investment in infrastructure, every cash register becomes a zelfscanning counter. This allows retailers to provide selfscanning as a service. Winning back valuable time at the counter, both customers and employees have regained time for service and customer attention.

The Scapp Retail Selfscan App seamlessly extends to the ‘store at home’: an empty can is scanned and added to the shopping list, allowing the customer to shop at the nearest store, or forward an order directly to a pickup point or home delivery.

Abecon Retail Selfscan App

With the Abecon Retail Selfscan App your customers can use their trusted smartphones to scan and pay groceries. Without costly investments such as handheld scanners, tailored POS systems or upgrades and infrastructure. Why hand out a scanner if your customers already carry one with them every day?

The Abecon Retail Selfscan App integrates with existing Point-of-Sale solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

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A Microsoft BizSpark Startup!

Scapp Retail has been selected as a Microsoft BizSpark Startup! By participating in this program the latest Microsoft technology can be used to develop software, cloud services and integration.

Niels van Golden is excited: “As a result of the Microsoft BizSpark programma, the Scapp Retail Management Console for Retailers can be enhanced for use in Microsoft Azure. This allows us to adequately provide the required speed and agility to Scapp Retail community. The Dashboard for Retailers for example, will perform very smoothly. We are also able to experiment with Azure Machine Learning, finding patterns in purchasing behaviour and purchasing order, allowing us to identify truly relevant ads to users of the Selfscan App. ”

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